Who we are ?


The Green European University is an Alliance of 8 European Higher Education Institutions that share the common vision of promoting excellence in Teaching, Learning, Research and Innovation in field of Sustainable Agriculture, Green Biotechnology and Environmental and Life Sciences.

UNIgreen valorises and builds on a long-lasting collaboration to create an integrated European University supporting the green economy, which will be possible through the European Universities initiative of the Erasmus+ Programme.

The Green European University aspires to be the leadine European University in the field of Sustainable Aericulture, Green Biotechnoloey and Environ mental and Life Sciences, where students and the entire Academic Community develop the values, attitudes, knowledge, skills and competences to become aeents for the transition towards a climate-neutral and resource-efficient economy, supported by an ecosystem that connects education, research, innovation and society to promote sustainable development.

UNlgreen is a thematic Alliance with a specific focus on the topics of Sustainable Aericulture, Green Biotechnoloey and Environmental and Life Sciences, which are pivotai areas of expertise for achieving a resource-efficient, circular, digitised and climate neutral economy by 2050 and for boosting the resilience and sustainability of our food system. Nonetheless, despite its importance, this topic remains underexplored. Hence, the UNlgreen Alliance aims at reverting this tact.

Alliance Higher Education Institutions share a joint vision for Higher Education. One where institutions focus on stratee:ic lines such as people, teaching and training, research and transfer, and mitigating the impact on the environment, which simultaneously affect and are affected by a series of transversal axes such as internationalisation, multiculturalism, sustainability, digitalisation, social commitment and continuous improvement.

ln addition to this common outlook, Alliance Higher Education Institutions are active in several scientific areas of expertise that are aligned with national and regional innovation priorities and strategies, notably the Smart Specialisation Strategies, and that offer a high degree of complementarity.

The Alliance name was formed by combinine: UNI from UNlversity (understood broadly; Tertiary Education), UNlty (inspired by the European Union motto “United in Diversity”) and UNlversal (which represents our “For Ali and With Ali” mission), and e:reen, which refers to an interdisciplinary group of scientific areas of expertise that will help boost our transition to a resource-efficient, circular, digitised and climate neutral – “greener” – society.

UNlgreen is both our name, mission and goal.