The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body and, as such, will be composed of Alliance HEls executive leaders (Rectors and Presidents). lts main responsibilities are to define the overall vision, long-term strategy and general policy of UNlgreen, as well as to accept new members.

The Board of Directors will, according to the mandate of the Alliance executive leaders, oversee the implementation of the Alliance strategic agenda and advise the strategic and operational bodies.

The day-to-day management and implementation of common initiatives will be accomplished by the Joint International Centre, which is the UNlgreen operational body. lt will, therefore, be the central contact point for the Alliance and will be directly responsible for the implementation of the Alliance Work Plan through its specialised Offices and Committee that will work on the different areas of activity of the Alliance.

The Scientific and Pedagogical Council will be a hybrid structure that will intervene in all matters related to Teaching & Learning and Research, Development & Innovation. Among its responsibilities will be, for example, the selection of subjects and topics covered by the UNlgreen study offer, and the validation of the functioning and organisation of the UNlgreen International Doctoral School.

The Advisory Board will be composed, among others, of representatives from the UNlgreen student body, non-teaching staff, teaching staff, researchers and Associated Partners. lt will issue recommendations to the Board of Directors and will ensure the continuous dialogue between governance and management structures with the Academic Community and with representatives from local Associated Partners and other stakeholders. As the Alliance consulting body, it will be invited to provide inputs to the development and definition of different initiatives within the framework of UNlgreen.