Student and Staff Mobility :

UNIgreen will offer multiple pathways that will allow students, teaching staff, administrative staff and researchers to benefit from tailored, long- and short-term, in person, blended and virtual mobility opportunities.

The UNIgreen Mobility Unit is the Alliance structure responsible for developing, managing and monitoring the implementation of mobility programmes that will benefit all members of the UNIgreen Academic Community.

Our goal is to reduce the barriers to student and staff mobility, in order to make it more inclusive and a reality for all, as pledged by the European Commission in its vision for the European Education – and Higher Education – Area(s).

To make this a reality, we rely on common administrative, support and management procedures for incoming and outgoing mobility, as well as specific provisions to better cater for those with special needs.

If you study or work in one of the eight institutions that form part of the UNIgreen Alliance, you also contact the UNIgreen team at your institution for more information. We also invite you to follow us on social media for regular updates.

International Cooperation :

The International Cooperation Programme is an integral part of the UNIgreen Internationalisation Strategy and will open UNIgreen to the world, in order to help co-create, test and transfer knowledge and innovative solutions, to mainstream green knowledge and practices, and to inspire institutions worldwide to think and act green.

The multidisciplinary perspectives advocated by UNIgreen and the context in which UNIgreen Alliance Members are inserted will facilitate a wide international impact in geographical areas where the primary sector of the economy is particularly relevant and, in that sense, will particularly benefit from the transfer of knowledge, innovation and practices that the Alliance will promote.