Serra da Estrela Natural Park Reforestation Action

On 16 March 2024 , the Polytechnic University of Coimbra (PUC), in partnership with the Folgonatur Association, the Baldios, the Folgosinho Parish Council and the Gouveia Town Council, carried out a reforestation initiative in Serra da Estrela entitled “Together we will help reforest Serra da Estrela”.

The event involved around 50 volunteers from PUC – students, and teaching and non-teaching staff – and 13 members of the Polytechnic of Viseu.

Together, they planted 1,778 trees of native and indigenous species in an area of the parish of Folgosinho that was badly affected by the forest fires that took place in the summer of 2022.

The aim was to mark International Forest Day and World Tree Day, which is celebrated on 21 March, by making the community aware of the importance of assuming social and environmental responsibility when taking actions related to sustainability and the environment.

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