SupBiotech distinguished for CSR

Strong testimony to the will of iron dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), SupBiotech Engineering School of Biotechnology topped the Studyrama ranking for engineering schools most integrating CSR principles into their operations. SupBiotech placed seventh in the 2024 Studyrama’s rankings of engineering schools in France, which classifies institutions in terms of commitment to social and societal responsibility.

This difference comes after the 2024 RSE HappyIndex®AtSchool published by ChooseMyCompany. This research evaluates the institution’s potential to correctly integrate sustainable development in strategic planning and the overall effect of such CSR initiatives.

The progress of SupBiotech ranks underlines ongoing work in the area of enhanced CSR impact and embedding sustainability practices both within the curriculum and the campus activities. That would be a tangible way of recognising both the involvements of engineering education and institutional practice based on ethical practice and sustainability, real commitment to social and environmental responsibility of SupBiotech.

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