SupBiotech turns 20 —A moment to remember!

Last Tuesday evening, 18 June 2024, marked the 20th anniversary of SupBiotech. To celebrate the occasion, students, alumni, professors, staff, UNIgreen Alliance Members, and international partners gathered at La Grande Gallerie de l’évolution in Paris, near the Jardin des Plantes.

The festive celebration amassed nearly five hundred attendees in the gallery’s grand halls. The evening soirée commenced with guests chatting and arriving, enabling them to admire and wander around the museum’s marine and wildlife installations.

At eight o’clock, Engineering Cycle Dean of Studies Thierry Picaud stepped onto the stage to kick off the evening’s speeches, sporting one of the very first whitecoats that the first class of thirty-five students wore.

Following his exchange, the Executive Director and founder of the IONIS Education Group, Marc Sellam, paid homage to the hard work and dedication of the group, staff, professors, and students to establish SupBiotech as a world-renowned and prestigious school in biotechnology. Following suit, Fabrice Bardèche, Executive Vice President, echoed his remarks, honouring this momentous occasion in SupBiotech’s history.

Mr. Bardèche warmly welcomed the founder and Executive Director, Dr Vanessa Proux, on stage. Her inspiring words and years of dedicated service at SupBiotech have been instrumental in developing the school into a major player in the biotechnological sector in France and internationally. Her leadership and vision have been a guiding light for us all.

Several esteemed UNIgreen Alliance Members from Spain, Italy, and Belgium, along with other international partners from across Europe and North America, made a special journey to participate in the commemorative ceremony. Their presence underscored the global reach and impact of SupBiotech, making this a truly international celebration.

SupBiotech is proud to celebrate 20 years of dedication and upholding its mission of training multidisciplinary, international, creative, and innovative engineers and looks forward to celebrating another 20 more!

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