UNIgreen Day Celebrations

As part of the UNIgreen Day, which is celebrated on the 17th of February, the UNIgreen Alliance is organising a set of events to bring The Green European University closer its students and the Academic Communities.

These are some of the initiatives taking place:

  • The Polytechnic University of Coimbra is promoting an information session on UNIgreen aiming students on 23rd of February at the Agricultural School (ESAC). The event is part of ESAC’s Courses Week, organised by ESAC student association from 21st to 24th February, a week of lectures and workshops with various guests who will address topics related to the courses taught at ESAC, as well as promoting fun and educational information sessions, with the intention of raising awareness among the Agrarian community.
  • The University of Almería has designed a programme of activities for students of all levels. The day will begin with the planting of an ash tree on campus and revealing its nameplate. This will be followed by a workshop on “green roofs” in which students will be able to make a green roof tile to take home, while finding out about the opportunities they will have within the framework of UNIgreen. Finally, students will also be able to participate in a contest on circular economy.
  • The focus of the UNIgreen Day celebrations at the Agricultural University of Plovdiv will be climate neutrality and opportunities to reduce carbon emissions. During the discussion forum, the students and the stakeholders will get acquainted with various activities for reducing the carbon footprint and the national policies related to nature-based solutions. The participants will gain valuable knowledge of best practices from different countries.
  • UNIMORE will meet students at the Life Science Department of a programme of presentations and masterclasses. More information: https://www.unimore.it/unigreen.
  • Sup’Biotech will carry out a planting action in collaboration with Biocampus, the ecological association for Sup’Biotech students. This joint action will result in the delivery of about 200 plants, which the students will plant and take back to their homes. At the same time, it will be an opportunity to promote the opportunities that the UNIgreen Alliance offers.
  • The Agricultural University of Iceland will host an information booth by the cantina in Hvanneyri campus over the lunch break where students and staff can attend a little DiY planting project. Each participant will get to take their product home and watch the UNIgreen plant grow at home. Local UNIgreen staff members as well as student ambassadors will be present.

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